Residential Addiction Treatment

Surround yourself with compassionate care in boutique-like settings.

Residential Addiction Treatment in Dana Point

Residential Treatment is the opportunity to live in an environment without temptations. The new location and lack of access to substances prevents abuse while on-site therapy and lifestyle supports help build new habits.

At Rise Up Recovery, we know the impact substance abuse can have on family members as well as how crucial families can be in aiding a loved one’s recovery. Due to this, we work to include your loved ones in every possible step of treatment, including our residential solutions.

Individualized Solutions

Substance abuse is not identical for everyone. Each person who steps foot in our doors is their own person, with their own circumstances, backstory, and life goals. Acknowledging this, our solutions are also individualized based on our client’s needs and abilities.

Who Should Participate in Residential Treatment?

Residential Treatment is not for everyone. Typically, treatment is provided with the least amount of supports possible, allowing people to incorporate recovery into their everyday lives. For some, the additional supports of residential treatment not only make the most sense, but can make all the difference.

Residential Treatment is best for those who:

  • Have tried treatment programs in the past and relapsed
  • Have struggled with an addiction for a long period of time
  • Have a need for medically-assisted treatment
  • Do not have a safe and stable living environment
  • Also have a co-occurring mental illness

Build a New Life at Dana Point

Throughout residential treatment with Rise Up Recovery, clients stay at our Dana Point Treatment facility. During your stay, the temptation to use substances is removed in our drug-free surroundings as you participate in individual therapy and other activities designed to build a life free from substances.

Supporting Your Recovery

Everything we do at Rise Up Recovery at our facility is done to support your individual journey towards sobriety.

The combination of our secure, drug-free residence along with regular supports helps you reach your sobriety goals in a structured environment.

Part of what makes residential treatment so effective is the supportive environment. Healing for the whole body is provided during your stay in residential treatment, with exercise, nutrition and opportunities for spiritual expression.

Traditional, or “talk” therapies are provided as well as additional alternative therapies to support your healing. Regular therapy and experiences make it easy to stay on track during your stay at our Dana Point facility, but supports don’t end as you graduate from our program.

Here, you are not only worthy of healing, you’re capable of rising above your past.

Outpatient Treatment: Transitioning Your Recovery

For those in need of maintaining a work-life balance while attaining sobriety, we offer a compassionate and adaptive Outpatient program.  

Your life is best lived not only supported by others but in providing support as well. If you are a caretaker of young children (or elderly adults), Outpatient therapy may be best for you.