Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Maintain work-life balance while you recover

Outpatient Addiction Therapy in Southern California

From Detox to Aftercare, many strategies encompass addiction treatment. For some, outpatient therapy is a part of treatment. Outpatient treatment occurs while you continue living at home. Regular visits to our center provide additional support services during your outpatient treatment recovery.

Recover within Your Life

For those beginning their life again, our outpatient approach enables work-life balances to continue outside of treatment. Clients in outpatient therapy are aided by lifestyle tactics throughout recovery to create and sustain a life of sobriety. As with all our programs, each outpatient treatment plan is individualized to suit your needs and preferences.

When Should I Consider Outpatient Therapy?

You should consider outpatient therapy if:

  • You are a parent/guardian of young children
  • You have a safe, stable and supportive home environment
  • You have never completed treatment and relapsed
  • There is no need for MAT (Medication-Assisted Therapy)
  • Substance abuse has not been prolonged
  • There are no co-occurring disorders or trauma

Why Outpatient Therapy May Not Be For You

For those who need additional supports or services, you may need an alternative to Outpatient Therapy. If you have a history of substance abuse, trauma, co-occurring disorders, or a history of relapse, please contact us to learn which level of care is right for you.

An Individualized Balance of Structure and Independence

Supportive staff at Rise Up help you develop a curriculum that encompasses treatment while also providing opportunities for work, school or fulfilling family obligations. Our solutions include supportive services, such as group or individualized therapy during the evenings or other available times.

Our commitment to your recovery does not stop at Outpatient services. Your recovery is lifelong and continues into Aftercare. Learn more about this crucial step in our continuum of care.