Once graduation from treatment is completed, clients are encourage to stay involved with our staff and others in recovery through our alumni program, to continue to build a network of support.

Our integrated programs of behavioral healthcare allow the healing necessary to help with the successful return to your community.

Ensure Your Long-Term Recovery Success

At Rise Up Recovery, we value the importance of the work done after your initial treatment is completed with us. The work done during aftercare services is what ensures long-term success. We help you reach goals and provides the opportunity for you to act as a guide for those who are ready for your support. Research also shows that those who leave treatment without proper aftercare are 10 times more likely to relapse, underscoring the importance of quality and engaging aftercare.

Addiction Aftercare in Dana Point

It serves you, your recovery, and your community best when you participate in aftercare. Always individualized to serve your unique needs, aftercare may include:

  • Family events
  • Case management sessions
  • Individual meetings
  • Substance testing
  • Group discussions and therapy
  • Social activities

Family Involvement During Addiction Aftercare

A core tenet of Rise Up Recovery’s approach is the inclusion of family. Involving loved ones is important for residential and outpatient treatment, but especially for aftercare.

Alumni of our programs join a unique group, a second family of those who have risen above past circumstances to become someone greater. Joining the Rise Up family is an opportunity to continue to grow, be a better you, and an opportunity to pay forward the benefits you received during your care.

At Rise Up Recovery, we believe Family is about relationships, respect, and empathy and in our Aftercare, you can expect to give and receive all three.