Solutions at
Rise Up Recovery

Solutions through Holistic and
Family-inclusive Treatment

Recovery Is Possible

Evidence shows that addiction to alcohol or drugs is a treatable, chronic brain disorder that requires medical intervention, and has the potential for both recurrence and recovery.

Treatment Plans Catered to You

Integrated treatment services at Rise Up Recovery, are tailored to treat the illness of addiction on an individual level. Our welcoming atmosphere, evidence-based practices, and individual and group therapy sessions provide a supportive path toward recovery.

Rise Up Recovery brings quality, high-end services to everyone, breaking boundaries where treatment was once only available to the rich.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

Our commitment to each client begins with a rigorous and comprehensive diagnostic assessment, including an evaluation of cognitive functioning. During assessment, our staff of professionals screen for co-occurring mental illnesses and behavioral problems alongside the addiction to help avoid relapse.

Rise Up Recovery brings quality, high-end services to everyone, breaking boundaries where treatment was once only available to the rich.

Family Involvement through PRAXES

At Rise Up Recovery, our goal is to enable full recovery of your mind and body. This journey is typically best aided and better sustained by the inclusion of your family and loved ones.

To show our dedication to family-inclusion, we have partnered with PRAXES, a leader in behavioral health training. PRAXES stands for ‘Parents Reach Achieve and eXcel through Empowerment Strategies’ and is designed to help families reduce stress and improve behavior. PRAXES offers Parent and Family Partner competency skills for the State of California, exceeding the standards of other comparable curriculums located in other states.

At the core of PRAXES is a focus on including one’s family in the healing process. We at Rise Up Recovery know that recovery is best achieved and longest sustained with the help and involvement of loved ones.

Our Levels of Care for Addiction Treatment


Rise Up Recovery currently follows the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recommendation of providing Medication Assisted Treatment, to allow you to focus on recovery instead of dependence.

Our warm and welcoming environment will put you at ease during detox. Our beautiful Dana Point surroundings and supportive staff induce healing as toxins depart from the body.

Residential Treatment

Changing the culture with a compassionate presence, our treatment services deliver highly- effective inpatient care in boutique-like settings with the help of specialized personnel.

Our Residential program provides 24-hour support throughout your stay at our Dana Point, California location. From your entrance into our residential program at Rise Up Recovery, our staff works to provide an environment of healing to get your sobriety started strongly.

All of our treatment programs are tailored to each individual. Clients work directly with staff to create a curriculum that addresses personal concerns and values. Our variety of programs addressing nutrition, exercise and spiritual components provide skills to return you to your community and rise up to your goals.

Outpatient Treatment

Clients begin the path toward recovery in our supportive atmosphere with our component-based therapies. We offer a mix of holistic, evidence-based practices, and individual and group therapy sessions.

These include:

  • Lifestyle therapy, including food and diet
  • Exercise experiences
  • Religious support
  • Traditional therapies such as the 12-step program

Addiction Treatment Aftercare 

Once graduation from treatment is completed, clients can remain involved through the alumni program and continue to build a network of support.  

Our integrated programs of behavioral healthcare allow the necessary healing for you to return successfully to your community. Rise Up Now.