Treating the whole person for a fulfilling life in recovery.

The Rise Up Recovery Experience

Our holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment embraces all the life factors afflicting our clients. We compassionately and effectively provide the resources needed to sharpen your skill set for recovery. While our Solutions encompass the full continuum of care, here at Rise Up Recovery our Experience focus is on three main areas: Spiritual, Body, and Lifestyle.

A Spiritual Approach to Therapy

At the root of a successful recovery is an active spiritual life. Spirituality impacts the way you look at the world and we encourage you to strengthen and deepen your spiritual experience while with us. We honor your personal beliefs and religious practices by offering various religious therapy options.

Our spiritual therapeutic modalities help you process traumatic experiences and begin the healing process.

The Mind-Body Connection

Physical exercise has numerous benefits and is particularly helpful for those in recovery to keep a balanced mind. We focus on physical well being during treatment through nutrition and exercise to make sure your body is well prepared for a life in recovery.

At Rise Up Recovery, we understand the connection between the body and the mind and the toll addiction takes on both. That is why we are dedicated to helping you recover both your body and mind, bridging the gap between them again.

The impact of substance abuse on the mind-body connection can be severe, requiring extensive work. Rise Up knows that you can recover from this period in your life and restore this connection with proper a exercise regimen we help you develop.

Addiction Recovery Lifestyle

Successful recovery means making the right choices easy for yourself. Your committed recovery team works with you to build an individualized and structured lifestyle dedicated to fulfilling the lifelong changes you are seeking.

Keeping recovery your top priority while having fun, learning new things, and connecting with your community is the goal we can help you reach.

Structured Schedules

To help improve your chances of success after treatment, routines and schedules are addressed as a best practice to ensure you stay on the right track upon leaving as an alumni.

When others can depend on you and you can rely on yourself as well, the benefits of sobriety begin to build on each other.

Sustainable Habits

In addition to schedules, a crucial factor in maintaining sobriety is developing healthy and empowering habits.

Not only will positive habits help keep you away from temptation, but those such as exercise and meditation can help lift you away from addiction risk.

Achievable Goals

Through your time with Rise Up Recovery, you will become familiar with goal setting as a tool for achievement. Our team will work alongside you as you develop the goals you would like to achieve, from personal, to financial, to relationship-based.

Setting a goal helps you achieve success. A portion of your time will be spent familiarizing yourself with positive accomplishments and how to rise above your circumstances and reach your potential.